How do I create an internship request?

Access I-Plan

Enter in your browser's address bar and log in using your BYU-Idaho username and password

Internship Approval

Click Internship Approval 


Create Request

Create Request

Click Create an Internship Request

Complete the Form

In the required fields listed below Experience Provider, make sure to first enter the Supervisor Email and click the blue Find button. If the Supervisor is already in I-Plan, the information will automatically be entered. If not, you can now enter their information into the required fields.

Complete the form, making certain to note the following items:

  1. Click Yes acknowledging the academic assignments statement and the prerequisites statement
  2. There must be at least 7 weeks between internship start date and internship end date
  3. You must work at least 10 hours per week
  4. You must work at least 70 hours over the course of your entire internship
  5. Click Yes acknowledging that you have read the BYU-Idaho Internship Terms and Conditions

What's Next?

Once you have submitted your Internship Approval form, it will be reviewed by your department faculty coordinator. He or she will make sure that your job duties meet the academic requirements of an internship for your major. If everything is in order, your department faculty coordinator will approve the internship request and one of two things will happen:

  1. If a Master Internship Agreement (MA) is on file with the BYU-Idaho Internship & Career Services office, you will be authorized to register for your internship
  2. If no MA is on file with the BYU-Idaho Internship & Career Services office, I-Plan will notify both you and your internship provider that an MA is required and send a link to the provider so that they can complete the MA.

Once the MA is on file, you will receive final authorization to register for your internship. For more information about the MA, please contact the Internship & Career Services office at (208) 496-9800.


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