Internship Approval Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Internship Approval?

It is a process you need to complete to get your internship approved. It is also the first step to register for your internship. 

Do I have to do an internship? 

Not every student is required to do an internship. If you want to know if your major requires an internship please click here to see who is your Faculty Internship Coordinator. He will let you know if you need an internship or if there is something else you can do. 

What will happen after submitting my Internship Approval? 

Your Internship Approval Form will then be sent to your Faculty Internship Coordinator for review and approval.  An email will be automatically sent to your experience provider requesting that they review and accept our Master Internship Agreement. 

You can check the progress of your approval on I-Plan in the Internship Approval section. 


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