For Students: Advising Appointment

Log into IPlan and navigate to Academic Advising.

To make an appointment related to majors, class preparation etc, make an appointment with Career and Academic Advising.

Career Preparation Services will help you with interviews, resumes etc. Anything that will prepare you for employment.

Peer Mentoring Services can help you with connections on Campus.

This tutorial we will focus creating an appointment with Career and Academic. 

You can either plan your advising appointment from an overall Choose/Search component or an appointment regarding a specific Grad Plan.

Provides different areas in which you would like to receive help on in your advising appointment. If you need help with a major, minor, cluster etc classes, select one of them and continue.

Select which type of appointment whether In-person or over the phone. The visit reason will be why the appointment is being made. Use the drop down window on Visit Reason to select the right reason for the appointment.

Select the the date in which the appointment needs to be set for. Next select an adviser and a time that works for both student and advisor. When a slot is found for an appointment with the correct advisor, select it. and press create

An invitation will then be sent to your email about the appointment.


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