For Advisors: How to log a Batch Visit

What is a Batch Visit?

A Batch Visit is used for when you meet with a group of students or need to log the same information for multiple students. This could be a class visit, workshop, outreach program, or some other method where multiple students need the same entry in their Student History.

You find it on the pull-out menu on the left of the Advising module in I-Plan

  1. Follow the instructions: Enter an I-Number or email address then hit Enter to start a new line. Duplicate I-Numbers or email addresses will be flagged while adding them here, while incomplete I-Numbers or email addresses will fail to submit.
  2. The default date goes to the day when the Batch Visit is entered, but can be changed to a different day
  3. Default duration time is ten minutes. You should change this to include the entire time you were working on the batch of students, not how much time you spent on each individual student.
  4. Visit Type is the same for creating an appointment or logging in a student to the Waiting Room
  5. Visit Reason also has the same categories as creating an appointment or logging a student into the Waiting Room
  6. Put in Notes the information you want to appear in the Student History. Statements should be general, since the entry will apply to every student listed in step 1. Any personal or specific information should not be logged in a batch visit, although a batch visit entry could be edited later for a specific student.
  7. Referrals acts the same as when logging a student out from the Waiting Room. Select any referrals made to the batch of students.
  8. Email also functions the same as when logging a student out from the Waiting Room. Selecting the box will open a new text box to type an email to the student, advisor, and/or advising center.
  9. Just as with a normal entry, after all required fields and any optional fields are filled, the Submit button will turn green. Clicking the button will submit the Batch Visit. This often takes a little longer to process. Any incomplete I-Numbers or email addresses will fail to submit and an error message will indicate how many were not submitted.


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