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Creating an Appointment-Advisor's view

Log into I-Plan, if you don't know how to log in on I-Plan click here

Go to Advising

Click on the Academic Advising tab.  

Click on the grey arrow to open the Advising Dashboard.

Under the “Scheduling” drop down menu, select “Schedule for Others”

Search Student by Name, I-Number, or  BYU-I Email.

Once you have selected the correct student, click on the “Career and Academic Advising” box to access schedule.

If the student has a Grad Plan and wants to meet with an Advisor for that Major, select “Search From Existing Grad Plans”. The plan does not have to be their declared plan, they just need a plan for that option to work. If the student does not have a Grad Plan, or does not know what they want to do select "Search"

This is the “Search” option where you can choose to meet with any of the Colleges based on which Degree Component the student needs help with. If the Student is major in Art (College of Performing and Visual Arts) with a minor in Child Development (College of Home and Family) they need to go to different centers based on what questions they have. You can choose which center to go to here. The “Not Sure” Option will direct students to the Career and Academic Advising Receptionist for help figuring out who they need to meet with.

If the student has a Grad Plan and wants to meet with an advisor for that major the “Search From Existing Grad Plans” option will allow you to pick the grad plan and which aspect of the major the student needs help with.

Choose the visit type (In-Person, Phone Call) and reason (Class Planning, Declare Major, Holds, etc). Give important information about the student and their needs here. When setting the time for the reminder email, 4 hours is a good standard.

Click on a time block and all appointments during that time within the selected College will appear. If the student wants to meet with a specific advisor, you can see the advisor's availability by clicking on the advisor's name. 

Green slots are available

Orange are self-scheduled appointments

 Blue are In Person appointments

Purple are phone call appointments

Click the desired slot, and the click “Create.”

You will see a notification, and now the student can meet with an advisor.