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For Advisors: Adding or editing a prospective student account

Add/Edit Prospective Student

To add a prospective student account or to edit one already made, find Add/Edit Prospective Student in the pull-out menu on the left.

  1. The search bar here is used to edit a prospective student's information.
  2. The blank fields are used to create a prospective student account. All fields marked with a red asterisk * are required and must be entered. All other fields are optional.

Adding a Prospective Student

A prospective student is a person interested in attending BYU-Idaho but who has not applied or received an I-Number. Since they do not have an account in the system, we can create one for them by filling in the required information. With this account, any Student History entries can be merged into their student account if they become a student. This helps keep any important advising they received before they became a student with their Student History.

Required fields are First and Last Name, Email Address, Date of Birth, and Phone Number. With this information, we are able to correctly merge a prospective student account with a registered student account.

Optional fields are Address, City, State, Zip Code, and I-Number. If any of these are known and easy to request, more information makes the merge easier. If they are unknown or difficult to request, they are not needed and we can proceed without them. 

When all required fields and any optional fields are filled, you can Submit the form and an account will be created for them where you can record Student History.

Editing a Prospective Student

Editing a prospective student account would be used to correct any information that was input incorrectly. This does not edit an entry in their Student History.

Provide information to identify the account: I-Number, email address, or the student's name. From there you will be able to edit any of the information used to create a prospective student account.


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