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For Advisors: Viewing the advisor side of Grad Planner

Advisor Side vs Student Side

The advisor side of Grad Planner shows much of the same information but in a different way. Below is a visual comparison between the advisor side and the student side of Grad Planner.

The student view has an expanded version of the Degree Requirements, University Requirements, Academic Stewardship and Current Status. The advisor view condenses all this information. The advisor view shows whether the student is cleared to register or if they have an HCR, ADVI, or HIAS hold on their account preventing registration.

Both sides can see the plan name and status in the right corner as well as the Print Graduation Plan button.

The advisor view includes information on the student: name, I-Number, email address, phone number, sub-program, track, and catalog year. The student view does not have name, I-Number, email address, phone number, sub-program, or track; the student should know all this or find it in their Student tab. To find the information on catalog year on the student view, click the blue "i" symbol beside the major.

On the advisor view, we see what the major is for the Grad Plan, but not for any other components, such as a minor or cluster. The student view contains any other components and the component's code.

For Advisors, this information can be found in the View Details page.

In the student view, they will always see the Validate, Invalid, or Approved button. For advisors, this button is hidden at first. As soon as you make any changes or recommendations, the Validate button and the Send Recommendations buttons show up.

Before any changes are made:

After any changes are made:


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