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For Advisors: Creating appointment slots

Create appointment availability from My Schedule or Center Schedule

Access either schedule from the pull-out menu on the left.

Using My Schedule will show you a single advisor's work schedule for a work week. You can change which advisor you are looking at from the list on the left.

Using Center Schedule will show you the schedule for the entire office for a single day. You can change which advisors you see from the list on the left.

To add appointments, either click-and-drag to select the time frame, or click on an available time and adjust the time frame in the next screen.

Both will open a pop-up to add a new  series of appointments.

  1.  You can adjust the dates where the appointment series will take place.
  2. You can adjust the time frame where appointment slots will be created.
  3. After you adjust the dates, you can select certain days to be left out of the series.
  4. This allows a person to set an appointment for two or three consecutive appointment slots, which then become one long appointment.
  5. You can adjust the length of appointments here based off pre-set times in the pull-down bar. Full-time employees can adjust the options that appear in the pull-down bar.
  6. Only full-time employees can adjust the length of time between appointments.
  7. Some offices will specify in the appointment which room the appointment will take place in. Most offices do not have this option.
  8. This would allow a student to schedule an appointment for themselves. Full-time employees or other specialists will usually not allow this.
  9. This allows other support users, such as the BYU-I Support Center (BSC) to schedule appointments for advisors.
  10. After the parameters have been correctly input, click Save to create the appointment slots in your calendar.
  11. To close without creating any appointment slots, click Close.


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