For Advisors: Checking Student History

Checking Student History with a student logged in

From the Waiting Room, you can click on the student's picture/name/I-Number. Any of these will link to the Student History.

That will link to the same page you would go to check Student History of a student who is not logged in to the Waiting Room.

Checking Student History without logging in a student

To go straight to a student's history, click on Student History from the pull-out menu on the left. Then enter the student's name, I-Number, or email address. That will pull up the student's history, as well as their personal information and links to their Grad Planner, Professional Development, Appointments, and I-Plan Details.

Checking Student History when logging out a student

When you go to log out a student, their Student History shows up on the right of the page. You can look at their history here as well.


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