For Advisors: Logging in a student

Use a student's I-Number, BYU-I email address, or name to find the student

An I-Number is best, as it pulls up the specific student. Email is next best, as this is also specific to the student. 

Searching for a student by name can be tricky, since students with the same name or similar names will also come up.

Select advisor

By default, this will list the advisor who is logged in and log the student for them. You can change the setting to log in a student for another advisor or for the next available advisor.

Select visit type

Select the visit type for the student.

Email refers to when you are responding to an email from a student.
Grad Planner refers to when you respond to a student through Grad Planner. This is not used very often to log in a student, since most interactions on Grad Planner are logged automatically.
Group Advising refers to when you meet with a group of students, such as a workshop or class visit.
In-person refers to when you meet with the student face-to-face.
Outreach refers to any instance where you reach out to the student first, whether by email, phone, or another method.
Paperwork refers to when you are working on paperwork for the student. Usually this implies that the student is not present and you are working in their behalf.
Phone refers to when you interact with the student over the phone. 

Different offices can have additional options based on their needs and ways to interact with students.

Select visit reason

Select the best category for the reason for working with the student.

Different offices will have slightly different options based on their needs. Work with your Team Lead to understand what the reasons mean.

When logging in a student, you are able to select more than one reason.

But when creating an appointment, you can only select one reason.

Log student into Waiting Room

After selecting all of the required fields, the "Log Student In" button turns green. Clicking this will log the student into the Waiting Room in "Waiting" status.


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